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Men’s Fashion – Care for the favourite garments

If you have a particular favourite or part of an outfit that you would love to wear every day, proper care is decisive for this, how long to keep a received the respective garments. At this point, we want to give some useful maintenance tips. Proper care of your clothes consist of a few basic things. Firstly, this is the correct washing.

The correct washing

Especially with delicate laundry, it is recommended to follow some basic rules. For a should garments that are made from delicate material, in the washing machine always be washed in a laundry bag so they cannot become entangled with other pieces of laundry or damage to zippers or plastic clips during the spin cycle. Secondly, it should be understood that the respective pieces should not tumble dry outdoors but prefer.

It when you hang the laundry in the shade is best. If the laundry hanging for hours in the blazing sun, this can sometimes result in slight yellowing. Woollen garments should be washed only with a liquid wool detergent. However, if you only have a normal detergent to hand and all the shops are already closed, you can also just use a neutral shampoo. One should also remember that most wool detergent could have an effect from a temperature of 60 ° C.

How to deal with delicate fabrics?

Delicate Cotton clothing and fabric jackets; one should also always wash with a mild detergent. Very delicate silk garments and leather jackets / pants you cannot wash in the washing machine by the way. Regular airing of the wardrobe and a little lavender in bags helps in prevent a musty smell. In the basement, you should not actually to store clothes. The famous “basement smell” is repulsive, even after several washes it removes quite difficult.

If the storage in the basement cannot be avoided, the clothes should be in sealable plastic boxes or (better yet) store in vacuum containers.

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Fashion Tips – Men’s Fashion 2013

While women are clothed in bright colours almost every season, the men often rely on the classic colours – it comes to grey, brown or black. However, many of men also want sometimes, especially in the spring and summer months to put bright colour accents. Therefore, the designers have finally presented their collections 2013 in soft orange tones, deep reds and bright berry tones. These are found mainly in the form of small patterns or details on ties and scarves, sweaters and vests back so they can be ideally combined with simple colours that find themselves on pants and shirts, cardigans and jackets. Because, as every year, the men’s fashion is constantly reinvented and offers unique cuts.

Classic menswear for business and everyday life

2013 may be the lords of creation in the job to the classic look attack, which was clearly influenced by casual influences: sports jackets made of high quality woollen fabrics in combination with dress pants, chinos or jeans (depending on the career field and the prescribed dress code) is 2013 the next big thing.

Fashion tip: If you want to emphasize the more casual look, simply grabs a jacket or sweater with leather patches.

Outdoors the outfit cannot be combined with a classic coat or jacket with integrated hood then. There are also practical and fashionable accessories such as hat, scarf and gloves, which are also available in trendy fashion colours 2013 in trade as well as on the Internet. During leisure, however, the look can be loosened a little.

Fashion Tip: plaid shirts and corduroy pants are very back in fashion this season and may your mood with classic sweatshirts and noble sneakers are combined! Missing at the end, only the matching belt and a stylish cap.

Let us summarize

This year, and especially during the summer, the men’s fashion is quite colourful. On the one hand, as in the previous year, it comes to muted, more subtle shades that can be applied in the summer season. On the other hand, above all, if you want to stand out in a crowd, bet on bold colours.

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Metrosexual and fashion-conscious – Fashion is not only for women

This is the modern man. The men nowadays are closer to the aesthetic issue. This is not the talk of fashion designers or photographers, but by ordinary men. Ever since David Beckham showed an eye-catching styling, the concept of the metrosexual man is more modern than ever.

The image of the modern man

The metrosexual man is characterized with that he may live out his feminine side. This has nothing to do with the sexual preference. Usually he is heterosexual, behaves and but clothes do not always like the typical “hard” man he is much more free from stereotypes and is free to do what pleases him.

The metrosexual man – Fashion, Makeup and Co.

The metrosexual man, of course, does not dress like a woman and completely change his behaviour. He is and remains male, which is a very crucial aspect. He remains true to his masculine core; he can wear what he wants. Perfume, hair gel, hair dryer and shaving cream are standard equipment and should be in every bathroom. A neat appearance is important, therefore, personal hygiene for metrosexual men plays a major role.

Everything in terms of fashion

Everything in terms of fashion is also allowed. Especially popular are tight jeans, shirts, a light sweater and sunglasses. Pink is just as welcome as purple horizontal stripes or tight jackets and polo shirts. New additions include accessories, which were previously reserved for women. Earrings, rings and necklaces with pendant are now available for metrosexuals. However, that he retains his masculine side; the styling should not act too colourful and perfect.

Plain clothing can be upgraded, for example with feminine accessories like scarves, bracelets or chains. Colourful and fashionable dress with additional accessories looks hung after “too much” or out of pure vanity. When make-up powder and mascara are especially popular. Both have not made up, but the face is rounded off. A colourless lip balm is also no problem.

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