Metrosexual and fashion-conscious – Fashion is not only for women

This is the modern man. The men nowadays are closer to the aesthetic issue. This is not the talk of fashion designers or photographers, but by ordinary men. Ever since David Beckham showed an eye-catching styling, the concept of the metrosexual man is more modern than ever.

The image of the modern man

The metrosexual man is characterized with that he may live out his feminine side. This has nothing to do with the sexual preference. Usually he is heterosexual, behaves and but clothes do not always like the typical “hard” man he is much more free from stereotypes and is free to do what pleases him.

The metrosexual man – Fashion, Makeup and Co.

The metrosexual man, of course, does not dress like a woman and completely change his behaviour. He is and remains male, which is a very crucial aspect. He remains true to his masculine core; he can wear what he wants. Perfume, hair gel, hair dryer and shaving cream are standard equipment and should be in every bathroom. A neat appearance is important, therefore, personal hygiene for metrosexual men plays a major role.

Everything in terms of fashion

Everything in terms of fashion is also allowed. Especially popular are tight jeans, shirts, a light sweater and sunglasses. Pink is just as welcome as purple horizontal stripes or tight jackets and polo shirts. New additions include accessories, which were previously reserved for women. Earrings, rings and necklaces with pendant are now available for metrosexuals. However, that he retains his masculine side; the styling should not act too colourful and perfect.

Plain clothing can be upgraded, for example with feminine accessories like scarves, bracelets or chains. Colourful and fashionable dress with additional accessories looks hung after “too much” or out of pure vanity. When make-up powder and mascara are especially popular. Both have not made up, but the face is rounded off. A colourless lip balm is also no problem.

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